Tirta Empul – Water Temple 2018 Guide


Tirta Empul Temple was built on top of a large water spring during the Warmadewa Dynasty in 962AD.  The spring is the source of the Pakerisan river and the name of the temple comes from the ground water source named “Tirta Empul”. Spring water.


Tirta Empul is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, another name for the supreme consciousness or Narayana. A Relief of Vishnu can clearly be seen on the back rest of the dragon throne behind where the priest sits at the head of the temple complex..

Where is it?

Tirta Empul is located close to the town of Tampaksiring in the village of Manukaya. This is Just a short 25min drive out of Ubud. They way is clearly marked from Tampaksiring all the way to the impressive car park. Its open to the public 7 days a week from 7am to 6:00pm

Click on the image below to go through to Google maps

tirta map

The Purification Bath or Jaba Tengah


The jabah tengah is the main attraction of the temple and is built for purification. The complete purification process involves a mantra to be repeated under each fountain until the devotee reaches the final fountain and is then considered clean.

Urutannya berturut-turut sebagai berikut :

Om tirta sweca nirmala ya nama namah swaha.

Tirta Gering
Tirta Leteh
Tirta Penyakit Berat
Tirta Pelebur Kutukan
Tirta Pelebur Sumpah / Cor
Tirta Sudamala
Tirta Merta
Tirta Penyakit Kulit
Tirta Ketenangan Jiwa
Tirta Rematik
Tirta Gigi
Tirta Sakit Tulang
Tirta Asmara
Tirta Ketenangan Emosi
Tirta Penyakit Pernafasan
Tirta Rambut

Main Pond


It is the main pond that feeds the purification bath. Small fish and eel are able to be viewed from the side and the water has a blue green hue from the minerals of the spring.


Friendly KOI

As you exit Tirta Empul water temple you pass through the final section, the large koi pool. This section is walled off from the main area of the temple. Atmosphere is wonderfully relaxing. Koi swim gracefully in the water and can be fed if thats your thing.


Water Quality

Various reports on the Internet have surfaced that the water at Tirta is somehow contaminated with Ecol i. While the source often cited is credible, its not until you dig deeper that you find the initial report was relating to a different temple further downstream. Ecol i is present everywhere anyway and an eye infection could be picked up in the tropics from just about anywhere. Tirta is fed directly from the fresh water spring and the volume of water going through the site is voluminous enough that you would have to be extremely unlucky or have a compromised immune system to get sick here from bathing. Certainly authorities have cleared the water fit for bathing.


Temple Etiquette

Women who are menstruating are not allowed to enter the temple at all.  However the temple can be viewed from the outside. Like with all the holy sites in Bali tourists must wear a sarong and sash or kamen wrap.

Final Thoughts

Tirta Empul is the must see out of all the water temples in Bali. You should allow for about an hour to view the whole site. Its cool during the middle of the day and the sound of water bubbling away is completely intoxicating. . I came away feeling very refreshed and looking forward to taking on the next leg  of our journey. Highly Recommend.


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