Privacy and Data Policy

Privacy and Data

We do not actively store or mine your data on this website. At times cookies may be used by our hosting company for whatever they see fit. This would mainly be for analytics or to generate statistics. We do not store logged IP addresses outside of the word press console or actively pass this information to third parties. Forms submitted for bookings is routed directly through Google mail service and are only used in conjunction with a bookings request. Never for direct marketing unless specified otherwise.


No warranties offered or implied on any of the pages of this website. The accuracy of the information provided should be considered our best effort and should never be considered canon or truthful in any way. If at any stage you feel that the information could be harmful or cause damage to property or endanger the safety or wellbeing of an individual then please leave immediately.

Government Agencies

It is our goal to cooperate and comply with rightly elected government agencies in every way possible. We reserve the right to challenge credentials or ask for appropriate documentation if we feel it is appropriate. In regards to censorship, we will only cooperate with government agencies within branches of the Republic Of Indonesia.

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