Bali to bring in new rules for visiting temples after decline in ‘quality of tourists’ | World news | The Guardian

Visitors posing in bikinis and clambering over sacred Hindu structures prompt authorities to crack down Authorities in Bali have vowed to stop westerners in bikinis posing in front of sacred temples as they lament a decline in the “quality of tourists” visiting the island. Bali deputy governor Tjokorda Oka Artha Sukawati, known as Cok Ace, said the authorities had been concerned by a recent rise … Continue reading Bali to bring in new rules for visiting temples after decline in ‘quality of tourists’ | World news | The Guardian

West Bali – Tabanan Full Day Tour 650k IDR (PP)

    Introduction Come and explore the natural wonders of the Tabanan Regency of Bali. The local government have taken amazing steps to protect and conserve the natural environment making it a truly unique experience to reconnect with nature as well as take in some truly amazing temples and historical landmarks. The full day tour covers a remarkable amount of ground, from the lush highlands … Continue reading West Bali – Tabanan Full Day Tour 650k IDR (PP)

Tegenungan Waterfalls – Kunjangan

Located in the Gianyar Regency, Tegenungan waterfalls is approximately half way between Denpasar and Ubud, Tegenungan waterfalls is easily the most accessible natural waterfall site in Bali.  What is clearly unique about the site is that its not situated up in the highland or mountainous regions of the island. It is a nature lovers delight, surrounded by lush jungle green dotted with palms and has many stunning views from the many natural platforms.  Continue reading Tegenungan Waterfalls – Kunjangan

Tegalalang – 2018 Dream Walkers Guide



The rice terraces at Tegalalang offer an amazing and unique experience to view and  interact with a real working rice field. To describe it in one sentence is a little bit challenging but,

Its a little bit like the land that time forgot thats been curated and maintained by a team of very persistent  Zen gardeners.. JT

The rice terraces follow the cartography of the hill with a river that runs through the middle of the valley floor. Both sides of the valley can be traversed and explored as part of your visit.  It has many wonderful vantage points and is easily accessible for photography.


How to get there.

The site is located just a short drive or scooter ride north along Jl Raya Tegalalang just outside of Ubud.  Click Here to book a guide or include it in your tour of Ubud.

What to do when you arrive

Follow the signs to the stairs down if you want to walk among the rice terraces. At the bottom you will be met by one of the local farmers who will ask for a donation. You can give what you like however 10,000 – 20,000 Rp is a solid contribution and will be warmly received.

Recommend bringing along a wide angle to medium telephoto lens. ND filter would be a must if you want to capture video during the day. You can definitely leave your 400mm safely with your guide or in the hotel safe.


Best times to go

Early to mid AM or late in the afternoon. Just try and avoid mid day if you intend on walking the entire field thats open to the public.

P1020513 - Kopie.JPG

Things to be aware of

Tegalalang is a working rice field so if you want to photograph the workers you should be prepared to give them a tip. These people do backbreaking work and are at the lowest end of the caste system. Suggest 5,000 to 10,000 RP for casual snaps. Its definitely a worth while to capture an amazing moment.. Its always better to be generous and thankful rather than stingy and sour.

Bring a water bottle with you if you intend walking both sides.



Just like seeing the Eiffel Tower or the  Leaning Tower of Pisa the rice terraces at Tegalalang Ubud are a worthy addition to your list of the must see sights while visiting Bali.

To learn more you can visit UNESCO

Cultural Landscape of Bali Province: the Subak System as a Manifestation of the Tri Hita Karana Philosophy

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